Realm Of Confliction.

By gamekid2011 :: Wednesday March 6th, 2013

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Huge credit to - Mat7772 and Spellmage for making inspirational algorithms to helped me to make this this one. Thanks to wiktor2 for featuring this game! :D There are only around 3 characters which will help a lot in this game, so choose wisely! Please inform me below if the game is impossible to beat or any bugs. Thanks a lot for playing. 3 gold awards go to any winners!! STORY: Our story goes into 7500, when the Earth's oxygen has run out. But astronauts have proven a way to breathe in space without a space suit. You had decided to move onto an unknown planet in space. However, the ancient monsters return from their latest battle, they have set many traps and puzzles and have declared war against your country. Your land has been conflicted by your enemies. You must enter the realm and face the confliction taking place...


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