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Review by gamekid2011 on Sunday, June 16th 2013
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Atraction is a game created by chloride

Creator: Chloride

Type: Physics Puzzle Game

Reviewer: Gamekid2011

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Today on sploder review news, we have a breaking review: reviewer gamekid2011 bringing you a review of Atraction by chloride. Over to you, gamekid2011.

Before we came to the scene of the game...

Now, before I came to the scene of the game, I straight away looked at the title and thought - "Someone doesn't know how to spell...” However, I then saw a comment written by chloride claiming that is another way how to spell it. My spell checker has news for you, chloride! Anyway, about the thumbnail? One simple word: bland. Why? Well, although the placement looked quite neat, the field looked quite empty and very boring with scenery. Although chloride is known to be exceptionally good at the platformer creator; I'd say, from the thumbnail, his PPG game work doesn't reach the standards of his platformers. This game also got a feature, as I could see from the feature page. This means that it must have good enough standards to own a feature. But was it worthy of a feature? We shall find out, when we have a go at playing Atraction...


At times, I found the game-play quite fun. I think you must need to be an alien to beat this game first time without losing any lives. Well, basically, you will need four eyes. Why? Four players, simple as that - but then you have to get them all to base with avoiding other objects. In a few levels I got my eyes glued onto one player, this got me nowhere as another player hit a hazard. I tell you something - I, as a human... I hope, found the controls hard to use on a few levels. Another annoying fact is that any colour player could go to any base. I thought it was meant to be colour coded, what I mean by that is - for example: red player to red base, blue player to blue base, etc, etc. Short levels... Uh huh, you heard me right. Levels, for game-play, were way too short. I found many different scores on the leader board. I actually felt it was nearly as bad for crafty castle for the timing of game-play. Some levels of Atraction showed dodgy hazard placement right at the start that made the enjoyment of game-play decrease. Now I'm not sure if this is on the brighter side or not, for me it isn't really due to making it harder to control the players, but for the rest it maybe that you like more of a challenge; when bumping into another player (for most levels), both will disappear. Now, I'm not sure if you like that or not but I would take a guess that the majority of you don't like that. If you don't, join the club! On the brighter side of, I experienced no lag at all. Most likely because there wasn't many objects in the levels but this shows you can have a bit of fun with the game-play as you’re not being stopped by lag.


This game was packed with hazards. Most levels had hazards; at least four hazards in the levels with hazards were included. This made the game's difficulty, which we shall come to in a minute, harder. However, for the last few levels, it wasn't really a good type of 'harder'; it was a rage type. I had to try many times to successfully complete the level. Some hazards were placed quite fine, but not many. I only really saw one trap: the open field, the controls are hard enough to use. If you get out of the field, you're screwed.


I found this game difficult due to many reasons. They are: dodgy hazard placement, limited space in most levels and hard controls. Some levels showed the good type of difficulty, others showed the annoying type of difficulty. So really, my feelings on difficulty are kind of mixed.


I found no real puzzles apart from where, in one of the levels, you have to push some yellow blocks around one at a time without losing any other player. No real puzzles in this game; it has been said the PPG is the second hardest creator to make puzzles in, although it has puzzle in the title of the creator. Now, moving on.


Like I saw before we came to the scene of the game, it looked bland or dull. A bit of both really. Although it looked colourful and quite neat, throughout the game it was repetitive and started to get pretty boring. The scenery, in my eyes, was nothing creative, and that is our next paragraph: creativity.


I would say this game isn't really creative as a few other members and I have seen a game pretty similar to atraction that was released before. It is like 'mind lock' by lumberjay. I thought the creativity could have boosted it up but that looked like a fat chance it would and it I was right.


Game-play: __/_____

Hazards: ___/_____

Difficulty: ___/_____

Puzzles: _/_____

Scenery: __/_____

Creativity: __/_____

That brings us a grand total of... 13/30

Not very impressive but, heigh ho.

Feature worthy?

No, I don't see why this game was featured; there were only a few good things. It has many views with a total of around 200 votes. In conclusion, this was a quite bad strategy game that had only a few good and interesting parts. Chloride, take more work on your PPG's to perfect them.

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