planet bios part4 the three omega

By gamemaster1630 :: Tuesday September 21st, 2010

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you have got all four gems and then when they met you opened a portal but the portal led to a cave you break thru the floor of the place your in and exit the cave then find rare vines only found on the omega planet (tile # 107 ) you soon come to a beach where you see a ice berg way out with smoke coming out the top you enter the cave to find a ninja squad the thug of that squad just befor you kill him he says that the thired crystal is in a crane at the top then you grab the jetpack and boost to the top you kill the ninja operating the crane to stop the crystal from being destroyed but why would they destroy it they where trying to harvest their energy its the only explenation they are trying to harvest the energy by putting them in a machine to destroy them then would be turned to pure energy


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