Short But Good.

Review by gamemasterboy on Saturday, June 12th 2010
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Black Water II is a game created by jammyt2


Just by looking at the thumbnail I could tell this game would be good, I love the pattern of the starter area. The first time I played this game, I killled myself On-Purpose to see what times people get.. That's when I found out how short it was.


When I started this game, I took a lucky

guess and went right, It was a lucky guess, I found the teleporter and went through. When I arrived in the new section I went right; destroyed the canons; then killed the Spider and carried on down the tunnel. This game is full of fun little tunnels and annoying little twists, which is a good thing of course. The enemy lay out is excellent and the game is very enjoyable. On some games, you can get bored of the Gameplay, you can't in this one. The way the map is set out is great to, every section seem to fit into the Story line. The main down side is the length of the game, A member named 'Dissapear' made it in 2:35 and a Member named 'Cyclone43' made it in 3:50, although what you get in that time will compensate for the length. Here are the Pros and Cons of this game:


- Great story line.

- Great enemy lay out.

- Great map lay out.

- Great Puzzles.

- You won't get bored for a second whilst playing this.


- Too short.

Final thoughts:

A great game with great Puzzles and action and a very good Boredom breaker, even if it is very short.

Ratings (Out of 10):

Map and enemy layout:_________

Story line:________

Average rating: 8.5

NOTE: I was logged out when I played this game, so my time is not saved on the Score board.