Dark Archon: Burning Entity

By gameraterz :: Saturday May 7th, 2011

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Wakthrough: 1. First off, You go to the back of the the room and look on your radar. There's a red dot. Shoot a cannon and it will open some doors for you. 2. Go next to the triangle(the next room with the turrets.) Shoot out all the turrets, Then make the doors close. Turn back toward the doors and shoot some bots. They should knock you into the triangle. 3. When in the triangle it may lag. (Becuase of all the bots) Once they are gone, go to the left side of the triangle. And slowly glitch out. 4. Use your gun to shoot down the launchers, Then go for the turrets. After that, stand in the middle of the room, The cannons will kill themselves. 5. Go straight, You should see doors behind obstacles. Squeeze through the LEFT obstacles and open the LEFT door. Now sprint to the left side and get to the doors before they close. 6. Now use the cannons you just picked up to hit the blue key, forcing it to come close to you. Once it is close enough, Awaken it. Then kill it. 7. (IMPORTANT) Now go back to where you just were. DON'T open the doors. First, Go to the right side and kill the cannon. NOW go and open the doors. Again, Sprint and get past the doors in time. 8. Now you find yourself in a room with nothing but obstacles. Bump into the left large obstacle and a red key should appear. Sometimes the key will glitch and be partly stuck in the black. That's good. It just makes it easier. Now kill the key. 9. Now, open the doors and kill everything. Don't go in the room with mojo because it's an obvious trap. 10. Keep going into the next fighting room. This isn't hard simply use your gun and take out everything in the room. 11. Now, Be careful, Here's another trap. Kill BOTH the cannon AND the reverser. Once you do, Go in the teleport from the RIGHT side. Once you do that, your in a new room. 12. Go into the next room. Notice there's a pusher so you cant get past. Squeeze in the bottom path. Go all the way through until you get the invisible. Once you do, hurry and get to the end. There will be a teleport, taking you back into the main room. 13. Go over the pusher with the invisible and run past most of the enemies. 14. Now you're in a new room. Open the door but DON'T go past them. Open the first door and get the cannons then come back. 15. Destroy the nitro. Easy enough. 16. You will see a number "2" then on the other side there's an indent. Go in there and shoot at the "2" then you''ll see mojo. GET IT! You're on your own for Sector 2. :]


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