Baldis Basics In Sploder 4.1

By gamerkid158 :: Saturday March 23rd, 2019

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Updates!: New intro Map update New cutscenes YCT pad updated Glitch YCT pad made more creepy Cruelity Crafts looks like he has a new evil looking look (well looky here!) Baldi has a new look Principle has a new look Bully has a new look Gotta Sweep has a new look (thats almost all the characters except Speedy!) Deysparen has a new look ( he used to be a creepy dog now a a creepy ghost floating head) Much more new items! (youll have to find out yourself!) Lock has been turned into Principle Hammer! ( A fragile hammer that you can use on the principle to get him away. But the principle can block. So use wisely!) Red Room has a different subject! (Get to the green door with playtime safely!) Baldis Office has been updated! (a.k.a the Crazy Room) New Ending Cutscene! (other cutscene will be put seperate if I even make one.) And thats all! You will probably find more update sif I didnt mention all of them. I dont know what to do for the next update but I know I will add math problems for the other notebooks! So you guys should give me suggestions and god bless. Also the story list is coming soon. Remember, YOU ARE ALL PERFECT O.O!


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