Baldis Basics In Sploder DEMO

By gamerkid158 :: Wednesday July 1st, 2020

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For any of you who just recently played the BBIS demo, remember this? Next update 4.1 is here! This series is becoming so succsessful! You might want to try that because it makes this game look like complete garbage:D YOU KNOW WHAT JUST DONT PLAY THIS GAME. ITS BLEEP. PLAY THE 4.1 bEcAuSe We WiLl SpReAd ThE wOr- Ok, This.. this whole thing is getting a revival.. So even though NOBODY is reading this right now (thats a fact) Im done with this whole thing, the dialogue is cringy, this is too difficult and buggy, and its time to revise. Im going to be making a BETTER game called MASCOT. It might not be the best name, but its a start. The game will be "somewhat" different than the BBIS series, but dont forget, i will release the next BBIS update first. There will be newer and simular NPCS to the ones in the first game, and it will take inspiration for one of my old horror game concepts, Castle of DOOM, There is still a lot going on that i want to share, but till now, stay safe, stay tooned and stay at home! (forgive me please im not a _)


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