Stamina III

By gamersheep :: Saturday February 18th, 2012

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I will be reducing this series to 8 games for various reasons. After narrowly escaping the forces of Enshvia, you leave the planet in search for a place to repair your ship. However, the forces of Enshvia have placed a tracking device on your ship, and they have followed you to the Aerialax base. Fortunately you notice the tracking device before you enter the Aerialax base. You pull over just outside the base, on a cliff. And yes, the cliff decides to break. You are now stranded in a deep hole, and you must find your way out, however, the enemies have followed you down... Time is ticking. You must get out, along with the 20 hidden crystals(for a total of 60), and the five fuel tanks(flags). Good luck... You will need it. If you cannot beat the starting puzzle go here:

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