Gun Warfare

By gcttirth :: Thursday March 26th, 2009

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Once , you had a strange feeling about your hand , you decides to go to a doctor , to find what is going .. The Hospital was far from your home. It was night , the lights were on , the road have no traffic . Luckily , you finds a taxi. You sit in taxi , and told driver to drive you to the hospital . While you was going , you heard a strange voice .. again you heared a strong , strange and scary voice. You told driver to stop there , paid him 100$ and went near the strange voice. You saw a gang robbin a women . You decided to go and fight those gang members. But , they were more , they won , and .... u went in sleep ... when u wake up , u hears them talking , they were talking to rule over the world . You decides to stop them from doing it , and you started the Gun Warfare ... They are in meeting room , and you are in a jumbo room . You need a key to go to meeting room .. find the key and kill the gang to save the world ... and your hand !!


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