By gerald123 :: Tuesday May 13th, 2014

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This is a story, about Infinity. Infinity isn't just a word. Infinity is the life, the honor, the bravery, the love, the objects we use and see. Infinity is in our life. Gerald has to help Ian find his father but he meets a lot of new friends like Boo, Merlin, Chloe, Lory and Titan, Ian's father. He moves from a place to another, only to retrieve the Infinity Life and help each other. Gerald gains his powers but he finds that life is not infinite. What will happen to all of them? Find it out. //PLEASE CHOOSE A MALE CHARACTER BECAUSE IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE A BOY AND GET MARRIED WITH A GIRL...CHECK THE WALKTHROUGH FOR MORE SECRETS AND HOW TO BEAT IT// There are 6 infinity collections that you have to find. Good luck. ~~~Featured by Mat7772~~~

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