The Final Battle

By gerald123 :: Tuesday May 13th, 2014

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Balthier, Cid and Vaan, sons of the greatest warrior world ever known named Vaine decided to take a hard decision. The only thing they are aiming is killing the Gods and gaining their powers. From the Ancient Book of Edenia, it says that battling Gods will bring destruction, demolition and death. The brothers didn't care about what they have read in the book and opened the Gates of Olympus. Climbing up, they will face enemies and places created by their nightmares, people who never existed. There is something that they must do. Statues of the Gods must be put on the Black Magic Field in order to open the path to the Fire of Destiny. By collecting it, they will receive a second power. They may be able to kill the gods and own their powers too, but what happens after? This is where the Final Battle begins... Vaan, the youngest brother, a master of elements. All his life was sadness, seeing throw the window kids playing snow fighting and celebrating New Year. His torment it's only from his dad. He tried to keep his boy inside home so he can't see and meet anyone. This would affect on the kid raging, full of angry and train with his biggest brother, Cid. Balthier, older than Vaan but younger than Cid. He spent his time learning white and dark magics. He was the untrusted kid for his father because he never did what his father wanted. However, Balthier tried to help brothers with everything they needed. Unfortunately, they never thanked him for all he has done. No one knows the history of Cid yet... Walkthrough at: ~~~Featured by Netshark~~~ Game remade.


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