Ready For Hell? - Review #1

Review by gerald123 on Monday, July 29th 2013
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Gates of Hell is a game created by dudki

Starting to record in 3, 2, 1…

Hello humans. Here is my first review of a Sploder game. Aliens are calling me racist right now, I know. Anyway, have you wondered what you can do when you are in hell? Have you wondered what’s behind the Gates of Hell? I’ve played through the entire game to give you the in-depth review you have been clamoring for, and I will tell you everything about hell. Hell yeah.

Game: Gates of Hell

Maker: Dudki

Creator: Physics Puzzle Game Maker

Release Date: July 5th 2013


First of all, I want to introduce you to Dudki, a well-known member of Sploder, skilled on Physics Puzzle Maker and Platformer games. He paid me 5 dollars to play and 5 dollars to review this game but don’t tell anyone, this is a secret. I started to play this game, though I was completely tired of playing EGD games. Let’s start from the beginning. The thumbnail looks interesting. Hmm, okay. The title makes the thumbnail look more interesting. Hmm, that’s good. What about the game? I started playing and I realized it was worth playing it.


During his life, the unnamed player did bad things. Devil has taken him into hell, to play a game of chess, uh, I mean, to live on forever. The interesting thing is that the Gods can forgive. Yayyy. You have to venture around hellish things through 7 levels excluding the intro and the final boss level. I definitely raged against the hardness of this game but it’s time to calm down, relax and take it easy. The difficulty changed level after level, starting from easy to ultra hard so everyone can play it until they don’t have the right skills. Dudki tried to make the game look like a real hell and he did it well. Gates of Hell really puts you in a hellish situation making you afraid of everything you touch or see, and this made me want to play it. That’s why I accepted 10 dollars.

Protagonists and Antagonists:

Sorry guys, no graphic for the player. Dudki used the player located on the Prefabs of Physics Puzzle Game Maker and had not added a graphic. Weird, might have looked better with a graphic. There are several enemies in each level. Hello zombies, skulls spawning fire from their mouths, red worms. Enemies made this game more entertaining and surprising. They stand in your way and if you touch them, you just lose a life. The bosses were nicely done, with mastery and awesome ideas to kill them. The first time I like the enemies in a game. xD


Prepare your fingers, because you have to move fast using the directional arrows or just W, A, S, D. Sometimes the game has gravity, so you can jump, move left and right but in some levels you can just “fly” and move in any direction you want. Final level includes a new feature of using the thruster by holding Z to stay longer in the air. This is useful for making higher jumps, and you would need to use it to have a chance against the boss. To sum it up, controls were good and you can’t be confused with good controls.


I don’t know if all of them were Dudki’s graphics, but I know that every single graphic was adapted to the scenery. They were not as excellent as I expected, but they were decent. Dudki used the graphics only for objects that looks like they need graphics. 75% of the game consisted of graphics, while the other objects are the graphics from PPGM.


The only power-up you can use in a PPG is the extra life, which I didn’t find any of through the levels. It might have been better if the game had a secret place with an extra life, because there were some places which were empty.

Level Design/Scenery:

Two of my favorite things from the game were level design and the scenery. I know Dudki really worked on hard on this, and I know how difficult it is to use the objects to make a great level design. Each level had a different level design and my favorite one was from level 4. I don’t know how much time Dudki spend on that level, but there are a bunch of objects everywhere, amazing graphics traps and puzzles which made me feel like I was playing a Nintendo game. It was great to see the fire beyond the bones. I would say that level 4 had the best scenery I have ever seen upon playing any Sploder game.


The only puzzles I saw in entire game were how to open the doors and how to kill the bosses. Maybe I am wrong but that’s all I saw while playing the game. Levels like the second level had more puzzles than all of the other levels which changed the difficulty of the game when puzzles disappear. Anyway, there are some interesting puzzles and creative ways to solve them. Can you figure them all out?


Why do I have to talk about traps? It’s hell, not paradise, of course it is supposed to have traps in the game. Dudki used the “falling” trap a lot consisting of breakable objects that makes you fall to the beginning or just into the fire of hell. Mwhahahaha. I like traps, but not this one. They were deadly and more than a game is supposed to have.


Nope, didn't find any. I tried to glitch out of the tiles or do something but no. The entire game seemed to work fine. Thanks Dudki for choosing the right music for Gates of Hell. If he didn’t choose the right ones, then this game would be a ….

And finally, our rating for this game:

Gameplay: 4.5/5 Unexpected things happen during the gameplay, making the game more fun.

Controls: 5/5 Thank god controls are alright.

Power-ups: 0/5 Nothing to say about this.

Level Design/Scenery: 4/5 Some levels were sloppy and some levels were excellent.

Puzzles: 3/5 The game needs more puzzles.

Traps: 4/5 A lot of unexpected traps.

Glitches/Music 5/5 You are a party rocker. Not found any glitch.

Addictiveness and Creativity: 5/5 Yeah.

FINAL RATING: 4.5/5. Nice job Dudki.

G1’s Final Thoughts:

I was happy to beat this game first from all the players on the site, but it's sad that Dudki have to pay me more for the next reviews. I am just joking, don’t take it seriously. It was fun playing through this game and explore hell. I found this game as feature worthy, because the quality of this game is better than a lot of other games. It is special from every other game I have played. It is the effect of Dudki.

So, this was my review of Gates of Hell. If you want to learn more about me or Dudki, just visit our profiles. Find the link by yourself, don’t be lazy. Until next time, bye bye.

And cuttt… “Great job Gerald, thanks for the review, take this 20 dollars now and go home”: said Dudki.


Gates of Hell Reviewed by gerald123 on Monday, July 29th 2013. Ready For Hell? - Review #1 - A game review written by gerald123 for the game 'Gates of Hell' by dudki. Rating: 4