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Review by gerald123 on Tuesday, November 5th 2013
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Demon is a game created by blackhole2

Starting to record in 3, 2, 1…

Hey my people. It has been almost a month since my last review and I missed you guys, even though you don't read my reviews. I just got a new duty on P4S (Play For Stuff), a thread made by Matty and I am now a reviewer of P4S. :) One of the games it had to get reviewed was a game from Blackhole2, so I thought about reviewing Demon, my most favorite game Physics Puzzle Game I have played on Sploder since I joined. This game is overrated. Why? The thumbnail was interesting and made people play the game. Then, they played the game and liked it. That's what I did too. Beaten the game and saw every single little thing in the game. So, shall we start with the review?

Game: Demon

Maker: Blackhole2

Creator: Physics Puzzle Game Maker

Release Date: Thursday October 17th, 2013


Guys, I want to introduce you to Blackhole2, a well-known and mature member of Sploder. He joined 3 years ago, achieved a ton of features, got the Soldier rank and a lot of awards on the Forums. He made mainly Platform puzzles games. I've played them only when I was curious about the new puzzles he made by I just left them and got back to his Physics Puzzle Games. One of them is Demon. He HYPED me so much on the Forums and made me play the game directly after the game got published. It's a long game, featuring nice puzzles and cool graphics.


Why the heck he would follow the thing that went out of the present? Oh, you don't know the story so I will tell you. He went to buy a present for his sister. When he suddenly saw a wooden chest in a marketplace. He bought it and went to the house. He tried to open it and something strange happened. He tries to follow the non-human but he is no longer safe. This story is good. I like the creativity in it. For the difficulty of the game, it's MEGA HARD ... Nah, just kidding, ULTRA HARD... What's wrong with me? Seriously, if I could give it a rating, it would be 8/10.

Protagonists and Antagonists:

The player is a Sceptile-ish graphic man made by Blackhole I think. He follows the Demon. He is the only one who you can control. Now baddies. I tried to look very closely to some little things moving from a hole. They look like termites, spiders or maybe worms. Don't know what is. There are also ghosts and skulls. He used a good idea of spawning a ghost when you touch a skull. The ghost is more faster than skulls and you lose the game when you touch it. Another enemy is the knight who protects himself with a magic shield and the final boss which is the Demon.


Sometimes controls are very tricky and sometimes easy to learn them. You use the WASD or the directional arrows to move the player and also do several actions. There is also a machine at level 7 which is very tricky and hard to control. You need the machine to push the ball to the switch.


The game got interested after level 2 (including the intro). Level 3 was the level when graphics started to show up. I didn't know if the graphics were Blackhole's so I got informed that most of the graphics are made by him except the player, the grey box, the ghost and the skull enemy.

Level Design/Scenery:

As I said above, he used the texture objects and a lot of links to make several actions. The level design is very well-made, but Blackhole rushed it a bit at some little things. He said that by himself in the walkthrough video. Placement is interesting, though you have to find the way to remove some objects, to push and more. I re-played the game just to see how the scenery really was and it turned out to be awesome. Decorations and objects made the scenery very nice.


Puzzles were decent and sometimes I stuck at places where you have to find how to solve the puzzles. That's better and more challenging than the other games and that's what I like in the game. Get stuck, think and pass through it. If you have played a lot of games, you will realize Demon has some new puzzles. I love the Demon's Eye puzzle.


If you have played some of the Physics Puzzle Games on Sploder, you've noticed a lot of glitches due to different effects given to the objects. I think it's the first time I didn't find any glitch in a PPG. So, Demon is a non-glitchy game... and about the music, it really made me intense and focused in the game. Where there was a puzzle level, the music calmed down.

And finally, the rating of Demon:

Gameplay: 4/5 Unfortunately I got bored of playing the game more than 15 times and didn't really completely enjoyed the game.

Controls: 5/5 Controls are alright. :)

Level Design/Scenery: 3.5/5 It just needs more focus in the scenery.

Puzzles: 4/5 I need new puzzlessszzz.

Glitches/Music: 5/5 I will give a 5 from 5. I really enjoyed the music choice and not found any glitch.

Addictiveness and Creativity: 4/5 Yeah.

FINAL RATING: 4/5. *Thumbs up* :D

G1's Final Thoughts:

I got really hyped before the game was published and I am happy I was one of the first guys to beat the game. I enjoyed playing the game, though the effects of the game were very good and nice to me. I think the game deserved the feature and I hope everyone thinks the same. I was so happy for playing the game, that I said to MR. Black that Demon was EGL worthy. Lol, it's not anyway.

Thanks for choosing this review to read. I hope I didn't waste your time and you got some information about the game, Blackhole and what makes a game feature-worthy. Until next time, bye bye!


Demon Reviewed by gerald123 on Tuesday, November 5th 2013. [P4S] Hyped! - Review #4 - A game review written by gerald123 for the game 'Demon' by blackhole2. Rating: 4