Health Appreciated! - Review #9

Review by gerald123 on Wednesday, December 25th 2013
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Him: The Enraged is a game created by darut1234

Hide yo' kids all of you.

Him: The Enraged is released.

He is free from his chains.

He has gone into a rage.

Angry and eager for blood.

All run, all scud.

Let's get from the splodeing Whitehouse now!

My, my. It's Gerrbear (Gerald123) with my 9th review. The reason why I am writing so many reviews this days it's because it's holiday and I have a lot of time to get here and make some fun and also, it's Christmas. Maybe I should write some reviews to make some members happy. Well, okay. Back on 2008. Him: The Enraged, a Shooter game by Darut1234. The first EGL game I am reviewing. This Shooter game is one of those games who bleepes you off, with door puzzles, lethal enemies, attacks and traps. Before playing the game I was like: "Hell no, I'm not gonna play and beat that game." But yeah, I found a walkthrough on YouTube so I don't need to stay for hours playing the game. Anyway, I've beaten the game and saw every single corner and path of this game. Okay, now wait while review is loading...






Game: Him: The Enraged

Maker: Darut1234

Creator: Shooter

Release Date: November 8th, 2008

Genre: Puzzle, Action


Anybody remembers Darut? He is a chill guy who likes to mess up with the Shooter creator. He is famous from his awesome games and also EGL entries. He is well-known for mind-blown puzzles and won some MOTY places with his Shooter game called Chamber of Wisdom 2. The thumbnail is not very attractive in my opinion, but the title of the game really interest me. The difficulty of this game is around INSTANITY. Lol, joking. The rating of its difficulty is 7/10 but if you're a good gamer, you can beat it easily. It is just patience, precision, speed and concentration. Shall we go to the Gamepla?


Him: The Enrage is an old game, but it still remain one of my favorite Shooter games of all I've played. It's an old generation game consisting of amazing puzzles and tricky segments. This game needs a lot of skills. I highly recommend to play it after you have beaten some featured Shooter games. As I said, the difficulty is high. I didn't find the gameplay boring, because the puzzles really amazed me. It it just a game from 2008, and some of the puzzles I know were there. I find the gun in use a lot and a lil' bit boring, because there is full of long attack range enemies. Other than that, it's great.

Level design/Placement:

I would love some art in this game. It might be perfect if it has it. Him: The Enraged is a game which has a lot of paths. each of them needs something to opens or to manage to get there. The lines and the playfield are decent but it turns to be repetitive. Placement is perfect in this game. To make puzzles in Shooter games, it needs perfect placement of enemies, objects, traps etc. and that's what Darut has done.


I got surprised from all those puzzles I saw in this game. I've played Shooter games from 2009-2013 and some of the Darut's puzzles was unused, so they are all unique and mind-blowing. You have to use most of your weapons and skills to solve different puzzles located everywhere on the map. From the walkthrough, I saw Shaymindlord789 playing it like it was his game. I perfectly saw every single puzzle and they was not repetitive and copied but someone else. I don't know how you guys create so many puzzles by yourself. xD


Did you read the review title? Yes, the game needs to have some more health in it. The only power-ups in entire game were the Invisibility and some healths around. You have to survive with the health you have at the beginning of the game so you have to take a look at your health each time you fight an enemy. The power-ups placement were great.


Traps? I don't think so. There are traps only if you mess up with the doors around or just get late to the path opened by the doors. The number and the diversity of enemies is amazing and well-thought. Their placement is very good and likeable for your eye. xD

And finally, the rating for this amazing Shooter game:

Gameplay: 3.5/5 Restarting the game each time I died it changed my opinion a little. The difficulty affects on the gameplay.

Puzzles: 4.5/5 They were unique and fun.

Power-ups: 3/5 I would like some other power-ups during the game and more health.

Level Design/Placement: 3/5 I would like some art, traps and more objects in the game.

Traps: 0/5 No traps.

Addictiveness and Creativity: 4/5 :)

FINAL RATING: 3.5/5. Well, this is not bad actually for a 2008 game.

G1's Final Thoughts:

Even though this game is old, it's gold. You have to play this game to see how real legends of Shooter games creators managed to get famous with this amazing games. I find the game as feature worthy, because there are unique puzzles and not boring places and enemies. It was a well action/puzzle pack game.

Well, that's all for today. I hope you enjoy this review too. Merry Christmas to all of you and have some nice holidays. I may come with another review lately before the school starts and then, woola, inactivity meets me. xD

See you on the next review. Bye bye!


Him: The Enraged Reviewed by gerald123 on Wednesday, December 25th 2013. Health Appreciated! - Review #9 - A game review written by gerald123 for the game 'Him: The Enraged' by darut1234. Rating: 0.5