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Review by gerald123 on Friday, January 3rd 2014
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Dying Favours is a game created by jackjoshseb

Wassup with you guys? It's been a while since my last review, not too many days but enough to relax and write another one. So, I'm back with a review on an Algorithm Crew game made by Jackjoshseb. It's my actual 2nd review of an Algorithm game and 2nd review on Jack's games. :) I joined a Game Sponsorship made by JJS called Predator and there was a lot of hype threads, but didn't check this game before. I heard Jack was bringing another Algorithm game, but I didn't know when so I found out. Anyway, AS ALWAYS, I've beaten the game to give you the in-depth review you have been clamoring for and I will show you everything about this amazing game.

Game: Dying Favours

Maker: Jackjoshseb

Creator: Algorithm Crew (3D)

Release Date: Thursday January 2nd, 2014


I always lend an opinion on the game creator to the readers. Jackjoshseb, a well-known member of Sploder with his amazing challenging mind-blowing games comes around every month with a new game. He is liking Algorithm a lot, even though it is a limited creator but he tries to bring some new puzzles or anything else new to this creator. His next game is Dying Favors, a nice looking Algorithm game. So, first let's start with the thumbnail. It is not attractive as much as King Aegon, but it is eye-catching. The difficulty of the game is not high if you play as Sato or Tesla. I used Tesla even though the story is based to be a male. Anyway, I quite enjoyed the amazing story in it and I was like "Waaaaat" at the end. I didn't expect to end like that.


Without further do, I will tell you a short thing. HE IS ON DRUG. Yes, so be careful. Jackjoshseb brings a new conversation mechanism to me which was nice. I won't be reading the story if it wasn't like that. You have to help your fake brother gain revenge as I understood from the story to kill gangs, get money and avoid police attacks just to help him, but it ends that your brother do not exist. It is just your "imagination". He is talking to himself. To be honest, the story is a bit confusing, like my Silent Hill game which is private and hopefully to publish it again. They both have unexpected actions and speeches. In addition, there were a lot of enemies which made the game a little hard but I tried more than 3 times to get to the scoreboard without losing a life so I did it. To sum up, the gameplay was more than decent.

Protagonists and Antagonists:

Oh, come on. Nowdays all the games are getting all fighting gangs and steal money. Is there anything which keeps the game intense and it's peaceful? Unfortunately, not. :P Anyway, as I said, you are the guy who is doing his fake brother's favours. Around 8 levels, if I am wrong, you have to look for enemies, kill them and press the switches to go to the next favour. This game was somewhat like GTA V, even though I haven't played it, it reminds me some of the missions, characters and places in the game. I find a lot of things in common. The game had a variety of enemies, with a decent placement. Sometimes enemies moved around and kind of "failed" to appear in the place where JJS put them.


I've played this game more than once only because of the lack of health power-ups. There were a lot of weapons, but not health. So, I decided to play with Tesla to run faster and avoid shooting enemies and get the health when appearing. Anyway, there was a weapon construction room which still is in my mind. How to get them all those power-ups also how to get the money (invincibilities) in the same level?

Level Design:

Being honest, the level design needed more work. King Aegon was just perfect to me, but Dying Favours were a little empty to me comparing to the previous game. Anyway, all the puzzles worked perfectly with the level design. Jack used less objects than King Aegon, which kept me wondering why? Also the tiles colors needed to be more colourful. It would make the game more appealing.


I've played a lot of Algorithm games this days and saw a lot of new puzzles. Dying Favours hadn't any new puzzle at least to me. Sorry Jack if I am wrong, but I didn't found any. Anyway, the used puzzles were great. Anyway, there are some interesting puzzles and creative ways to solve them.

The rating for Dying Favours is here:

Gameplay: 3.5/5 I played it more than 3 times because of the lack of health, but I enjoyed it. Was expecting some more surprising things.

Power-ups: 3/5 Too many weapons, slightly power-ups.

Level Design/Scenery: 4/5 Some levels were simple in my opinion.

Puzzles: 4/5 I really liked the used puzzles, but I would like at least a new puzzle.

Addictiveness and Creativity: 4/5 Yeah.

FINAL RATING: 4/5. Great job.

G1’s Final Thoughts:

I really liked the story, the power-ups placement and the puzzles, but didn't like the lack of health. If you want a comparing of King Aegon and Dying Favours, the last one was better but this game has its own style so it reminds as a good Algorithm Game. I find this game as feature worthy, because of the mind-blowing story and all the other unique things in the game. Final rating following the rules of the Predator Games is 8/10. ;)

I suggest you playing this game. I'm pretty sure you will enjoy, just be careful what you do and where you step and you will do fine.

So, I'm going and hopefully will meet you in the next review around 2 weeks or something. I'm planning on publishing The Final Battle as fast as I can, so you don't have to wait for months. See ya. ;)


Dying Favours Reviewed by gerald123 on Friday, January 3rd 2014. [PredatorGames] Do Me A Favour! - Review #10 - A game review written by gerald123 for the game 'Dying Favours' by jackjoshseb. Rating: 4