A Bit like Hell.

By glow001 :: Sunday September 23rd, 2018

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This is one of my best games I have ever made this year so I want to share it to you. The owl wants to have his finial revenge, destory the underground portal in lava. But a hero wants to save the world and stop him. But sadly the owl has a few tricks for him. Can he stop him and save the world? I won the boost! Thank you guys who have supported me since the last 2 years 'aleby' 'glow000' 'mostafa480' 'williams16' 'mario10007' And 'thiagoharsat' To celebrate I am going to start doing angry birds series now make a new logo, and change my intro slightly. ( These will be after I published The test - coming this sunday!) UPDATE - If you find it hard i will give you clues. Jump on the 'when you get to the cage jump at the first key you see' 'jump or ladder bit' 'Fight the monsters using the flame gun' 'To get to the portal go up the ladder and jump into the direction' 'use your rest of the jetpack to get to the next course when you get to the blank bit - there is a slider though!' Thats all the rest you have to do yourself!


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