Operation Doom DEMO

By glow001 :: Saturday July 23rd, 2016

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Now, I dont like to make demos, but at this point I have to. This is the demo of Operation Blackout Part 4, which is also known as Operation Doom. This is only a one level as I want to update my Operation series to the next level so I can get a reveiw and a feture, and with this I think I can. I hope you like it. AND please tell me what you think about it, and if there is anything to be improved on or any gltiches. Thanks guys! (Level 2--- This is in 3D and is about a village, the robots are suddenly destroyed, and more robots come for revenge. You cant touch the blasts from the guns which the robots are fireing. To jump on robots you need to jump on their heads. When you get to a dead end, (Should be where mixbr0 is) you need to jump


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