[#1] Minecraft

Review by goldoptimus on Saturday, July 8th 2017
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minecraft is a game created by boytucker

Hey jabronies, it's gold here with a legit review. This is my first official review as a reviewer, and I thought with the release of this game along with all the featuring mishap it's gotten into, there would be no better time to start typin' up some reviews. As far as I know, the title "minecraft" was given to obtain views, but I'd argue that the controversy that this game has been gaining is working out better. Without further ado, let's get into the review.


When I first clicked on this game, the description was the first thing that caught my eye. Unfortunately, you won't find a story here. I was immediately greeted with the harsh words of "ur dumb". Shocked by this game's cruel insult, I asked myself whether or not I should even play the game after how it's treated me. I haven't even started the game yet and we were already off to a rocky start. But then I remembered; the element of surprise. Was Boytucker making the description what it is for the sake of grabbing your attention? Perhaps that's a story in itself. However, it's my job as a reviewer to dig deeper. I clicked the "click to play" button, and I proceeded to drop into the cartoon-esque world that could only be the work of Boytucker. Friendly, bright-colored trees awaited me. But then, it hit me. The very first tree ahead of you blots out the text box containing what our sword-wielding protagonist calls himself. Perhaps we will never know. Traversing through the purely graphic made virtual world of nature, an enemy approaches. The hammer-wielding beast is quickly slain and we move on. The cycle repeats, and it seems like our unusual little hero is on a quest for blood. As I got further and further into the game, I realized that there was no official story. The game's story is fully up to your imagination. A good game makes the story simple, yet compelling. A masterpiece leaves it up to the player.


Similar to what I've said in the last paragraph, this game's scenery is just great. I do suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder, because some would argue that the game's graphics are ugly and "hurts their eyes". This game has tried something new, and in my opinion, has succeeded. A wise man once said "simple is beautiful". Needless to say, I strongly enjoyed the scenery. Boytucker really took a stab in the dark with this one. The graphics aren't pixel-for-pixel recreations of real life skies and trees, but they get the job done and serve their purpose.


This game is simple; but by no means does that make it bad. I see this game as unique for it's eye-pleasing graphics and humorous dialogue. I have yet to see a game quite like "minecraft" by boytucker. The gameplay is easy-going and addictive. There is a glitch in some levels that causes you to get stuck into the ground. However, I have found a way around this glitch. Go up in the top left-hand corner of your monitor and click on the circle-ish arrow underneath the first tab. Congratulations! You've made it past the "game breaking glitch". If the refresh button never existed, first of all I would ask "why isn't that just a chrome extension?". But, I would also argue that the glitch fits the game's style. It's nature. It's personality. It's sass. The game lacks seriousness, which is why I like the glitch. There. I said it. I like the glitch. Get over it you whiny little weenie baby.

Feature worthy?

I have skipped over the ratings for this review, because this game is truly a hit or miss. It really does depend on the person who is playing. There is no "ehh, it's ok". This game tried something new, and and didn't care what you thought. With that I leave you with a yeah. A strong yeah.