Eternal Mario Bros W1

By goombajmr :: Thursday July 28th, 2011

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Mario has finally returned from his ancient adventure in the world Atopia. He has morphed into a green Troom when his escape pod crashed. He was known as Momo. When he gets to his "Home" The mushroom kingdom, he is surprised. There are monsters everywhere. He sees a talking sign in front of him. It is Peach... Now Mario has to defeat 8 tough worlds to get back at whoever was strong enough to turn people into talking stands. The Mushrooms are all waiting for you Mario... You have to do this.*Listen to the signs in 1-P. **Please don't cheat by playing W2 when you haven't played W1... you know what I mean... Release Dates. (summer) W1: 7/28/11 W2: 8/4/11 (Est.) W3: 8/12/11 (Est.) SCHOOLTIME W4: 8/20/11 (Est.) W5: 9/2/11 (Est.) W6: 9/16/11 (Est.) W7: 10/5/11 (Est.) W8: 10/22/11 (Est.)


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