By greatzgames :: Friday March 16th, 2012

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This is my game called dig. NO part of this is unbeatable. This game will not likely have a score on the leader board because it is very, very long. If you get to a level then PM me (on the forms) a screen shot and I will send you a link to the game starting from that level. Story: You were a person who loved to dig, explore, and get your hands dirty. You were 20 and about to turn 21 in a week. You had been saving up for a while and you now had gold as all of your savings. You were planning a party with your friends and around noon they left and you were sitting there. You heard a small crash then some heavy footsteps. You then dashed into your safe room. You saw broken glass and a broken window. Then you smelled something burnt. You looked at your safe and you were horrified at what you saw. Your safe was opened up with a blow torch. And you found a note. It said: “Your gold is gone. I have stolen it and put it and put it in 5 locations. If you don’t get it within the next 7 days a bomb will destroy it forever. Have fun in poverty.” You start to explore but then you fall down an abandoned mineshaft and get trapped. Looks like you will have to dig.


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