Mission 2. The Perfect Gateway

By guthixball :: Tuesday September 29th, 2009

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After killing the 7th son, square head thought he was out :o but it turned out that after killing everything moving in the 7th sons world he now entered the world of the 5th son...(the 6th son is sick now :p) he found out that each time he killed a son of the devil...every mission turned out to be harder than the one before! square head has no choice but to continue forward...the thing is that the 5th son is a duplicate and likes to play games..5th SON: "Dear unknown life form from planet sploder, i see you have surpassed our eldest brother, and now you shall see your fate and DIE! Lets play a little game i just surprisingly thought of..if you get every crystal in my playground i will set you free, BUT if you take this map i have that shows you where each crystal is then i will give you a little present at the end >:] your choice, take it or leave it." Square head took the map and accepted his terms...and its up to the crystals to save squares heads life or not...TO BE CONTINUED


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