space episode 8 haw did it bigin

By hacker125 :: Saturday April 18th, 2009

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space is all very well but u dont know the full story u know like...what the hell started the war it took place when we made the crystals in 2036 we took advantage of thees crystals and made more for the sivall war and defeat the enmy but thay ar human the cristells won them the war and it was all on the tv the cristals the war the teror and in the year 2069 the aleons tv thay call telgraf shots got to ther tv in all the years and the cristals amasd them so the next year the year 2050 thay attact and u went to fech the cristels just as u fawnd out abawt the cristall can tack ofer the holl of spaceand this wen thay attacd the ur space ships in ther bording pods so the batal is on and git to hte brig for wepons good killing


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