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Review by hardgamez77 on Thursday, November 10th 2011
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Defend the Rectangle is a game created by paradon

Today I will be reviewed Defend The Rectangle by Paradon.

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My third review.


Most of the time I spend in the Forums. Looking around for something fun. I decided to check any games and found a challenge from Paradon. He said, he'd give 2 MS Awards if we'd be the first person to win (excluding him) and a big well done. I thought, it might be worth trying but no way was I expecting to win. I was thinking I'd get something simple yet with a new concept. Don't know what I got? Well, keep reading and you'll find out.


I was right about my prediction; this game was simple yet it contained an amazing and new concept. The title said it all. You had to defend a rectangle. How hard could that be? Well it just gets a heck of a lot harder. You have enemies...speeding enemies. There is a rectangle in the middle and you are a rectangle as well, but smaller. You can only orbit the rectangle. The enemies attack from all sides. They have various speeds which meant you had to be conscience and aware so that you can react rapidly to the attackers.

No action in this game. Some people might find that surprising and disappointing but some people might find that normal. I had no problem what so ever with that because of the concept. The concept of the game was meant to be so there would be no action. Even if it was supposed to have action, it still wouldn't be a problem for me because of the perfect concept.

I don't know if these would be classified as puzzles, but, throughout the game, you had to basically orbit the rectangle and defend it by coming in the way of the bullets. So you had to think tactically about where to go after you've blocked one bullet. Sometimes there would be bullets coming from all ways, threatning you as you have 1 penalty left. I liked that, but after a while, it did get boring.

Now, the concept. Boy, was this amazing. All around Sploder, you would come across games like "kill jb wid pacman" or "mario saves sonic". But sometimes you come across games like "Burnout" or "Dematerialized". Defend The Rectangle sure did have a basic name, but it was miles better than games like the first two examples. This game might possibly be one of the best PPG's in Sploder. I was actually having the idea of making a game where you have to defend something. But I couldn't go into much detail with it as I was, am and probably will be, a rubbish PPG maker. But yes, this concept was very unique. I think I saw it in some games, but they weren't as amazing as Defend The Rectangle.

All placements and health paragraphs are quite un-nessecary as you didn't have health or power-ups in this game and for the placements, I can't really describe it.



-Pace Of Game

-Skills Required


-No Scenery


Addictiveness: 5/5 - Yep. The mocking birds start mocking as soon as you fail.

Scenery: 2/5 - This will have a major affect on the overall score. But I gave it a 2 instead of a 0 because, the overall game just made us less bothered about the scenery.

Action: N/A

Puzzles and Traps: 4/5 - Yeah, if they were classified as puzzles, that's what I'd be giving it. I am!

Block Placement: N/A

Enemy Placement: N/A

Creativity: 5/5 - Perfection to the perfecto!

Health and Power-Ups: N/A

Overall: 4/5


Well, yes! It is already featured, but even if it wasn't, I'd still think it is feature-worthy because of the game's creativity. Scenery might've been a problem, but it was good!


Defend the Rectangle Reviewed by hardgamez77 on Thursday, November 10th 2011. |^:HardMash:^| Pure Perfection With The Concept! - A game review written by hardgamez77 for the game 'Defend the Rectangle' by paradon. Rating: 4