Sonic Spring Island

By hyperthunder15 :: Wednesday March 18th, 2015

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Sonic Spring Island Had 7 Chaos Emerald.Here The Plot About Sonic Spring Island. After Sonic And Tails Try Turn Green Hill Zone Into Tropical Hill Zone They Finally Collect All The Chaos Emerald.Dr.Robotnik Building Up The Death Egg To Turn Tropical Hill Zone Into Egg Hill Zone Sonic And Tails Need To Collect All The 7 Chaos Emerald.Then Tails Landed To Spring Flower Zone Before Going To Crystal Station Zone. Sonic Go to Crystal Station Zone To Collect ALL Chaos Emerald To Take Down The Death Egg. After Sonic And Tails Finished On Every Zone Now Try Down The Death Egg. After Sonic Blow Up The Death Egg Sonic And Tails Turning Tropical Hill Zone In To Green Hill Zone With The Power Of Super Sonic. Now They Are Go In To Newest Adventure.


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