The magic sword

By iamawsomeandgood :: Wednesday August 15th, 2012

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You are the last of owls resistance, which got destroyed by the dog. The good in this situation was that you destroyed the wizard, but the dog took over the world so you are on the move to save it. You move onward and dodge a large number of probe robots and you invade the factory. You attempt to grab the magic sword that was once used to destroy a galaxy but the dog has it guarded and you have no choice but to run. You are caught and barely survive as you are put in a prison. You notice a molecular switch with your extremely keen vision and press it, the door blows up and you destroy the robot guard and escape. You are too late and find that the evil wizard has been resurrected. You go into the newly built magic castle in hope to stop wizard from getting the magic sword from dog.....


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