How To Level Up

By icefiremadness :: Sunday November 29th, 2009

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I should have added "fast" to the title. There is a couple ways. 1.) Go to "Everyone's Games", click on the names that you see, and add them as friends. 2.) Go to a game. Do you see the activity of everyone? Click on names and add them as friends! 3.) Make a Shooter game, (don't put anything on it except for a crystal) make it a HUGE game. Click on Save, put in your title, there is something that comes up. Say "Yes" or whatever exits it. Then keep on doing that. This is the fastest way! You could get up to Level 250 in one day! Maybe..... but pretty quickly. Hope this helps! NOTICE: WIZARDS. YEAR 1 LEVEL 1 PART 3 IS GOING TO BE 3 DAYS LATE. THANK YOU.


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