Burning Tide

By ijam :: Wednesday November 26th, 2014

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Each level was carefully made and designed to have at least one possible route. Please take the time to play my game :) Ok, enough of that. You control a smiley block. You were on an expedition to a foreign planet outside your galaxy, but your ship lost power half way there and started heading towards the gravitational pull of a nearby foreign planet made out of lava. Because of the numerous amount of moons orbiting the planet, the planets ocean of lava rises and falls regularly. You would have stayed where it is safe if you had not discovered shiny coins hidden in the lava . . . Jump on grass platforms while avoiding the rising and falling lava, ride the burnt but stable platforms that rise and fall with the magma, and avoid lava baddies while collecting 3 shiny coins in each level! Can you do this? I'm sure you can. EDITORS NOTE: At one point it was nominated for a contest but ended up last place probably :)

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Tags: ouch

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