The Collapse of the Jedi Order

By indianajones30 :: Friday July 21st, 2017

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Hey, everyone! This is my third and final Revenge of the Sith inspired game. Originally I planned for it to be an Obi-Wan game, but I decided to instead focus on another Jedi master caught up in the events of the film. This game is the longest and most likely the hardest. The Plot: As I said before, you play as a Jedi Master whose actions coincide with the film. Like Obi-Wan, you are sent to Utapau, and are there to root out droid resistance. However, while you conduct your mission, Order 66 is enacted, causing your troops to turn on you. You narrowly escape, then return to Coruscant, where you encounter Anakin at the Jedi Temple-except now he is Lord Darth Vader. Character Info: The Mercenaries are meant to be clones. Robots substitute droids. Tips: This game will be much harder due to you lacking any Sith power-ups (The atomic mode). Make sure to collect all the lives and all the power-ups you can get, and use them wisely. Remember, be patient when dealing with the bad guys.


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