GTA san francisco

By ivan568 :: Friday March 27th, 2009

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your family is dead because of the DEMON GANG you will revenge your family......MISSION 1: go to the GCTTIRTH BUILDING and kill the DEMON BROTHERS and dont forget to search for a key and armors.....MISSION 2: go to the DEMON labratory and kill the professor name "IVAN568"...the professor is in the crystal system....MISSION 3: go to the CITY JAIL.Kill the guard and the DEMON monster name "NEAL"....MISSION 4: use your jetpack found in the labratory.Use it to find the hellicopter...KILL THE DRIVER name "GEOFF" for a key.....MISSION 5:go to the forbidden house.....kill all the demons and DMEN KING name "NOHSUE"


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