King Aegon

By jackjoshseb :: Sunday September 1st, 2013

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"You, King Aegon of the Tiaziam Empire, have been diagnosed with a disease never seen before, one that unsettles your brain cells, causing them to fight against eachother, destroying eachother one by one. Panic swept through the 4 neighbouring palaces with their Empire supposedly on the decline. You were bedridden and could barely make sense of things. Once the disease spread throughout the Castle, the knights, the peasants, the lords, all of them, were hit. An unknown army of plunderers took the Castle and control over the many lands. While your knights were killed, you were locked in the dungeons you had crafted yourself, for the sole reason that your family outside the Castle could pay for your ransom. Your brain cells, still being destroyed by their own kind means you have limited time to escape the Dungeons, before you completely lose all sense and any motion of thought you have left. You can't see straight, you can't make sense of what's happening, but you have a desire to live. And that's all a King needs."


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