O Lucifer

By jackjoshseb :: Saturday August 8th, 2015

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Huge Credit to Mat7772, Tedbear2, Minjazemunka241, Lcraniuml, Milking and some guy from tiny, a bunch of people who offered but didn't do anything (Moolatycoon/Sto4/Netshark and some others) and to Gamezman305 who helped with a few ideas but didn't make the cut. Enjoy. -----STORYLINE----- Oiwarf Lucifer, the name of which is engraved down your back, running alongside your scare that imprinted itself on your body at a young age. As you grow, the scar grew too, like a virus spreading, through your veins and blood, you know the feeling though you have not felt it before. Revenge. The man who killed your parents is still out in the world, running riots and destroying lives, you could sense it though it was said he was captured and imprisoned years ago. The way the heart pumps and sends shivers up your spine at the same time... the man who stabbed you, failing to wipe you off the Earth's surface. You decide it's his time, you don't know whether you're dreaming or not, but you can sense that he's near. One, last, hope. O. Lucifer shall die. -----DOES THIS GAME LAG FOR YOU? HERE: http://www.sploder.com/publish.php?s=d0034c91#.UGvP0Jh3bgU -----


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