By jackjoshseb :: Monday June 18th, 2012

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-.-!! Please ignore the first score on the scoreboard of 1:57, that was made during testing !!-.- CREDITS TO: Mrdragon/Defensified for the switchpoly idea : Cyclone43 for a small puzzle used late in the game. !! - STORYLINE - !! Welcome, my young, battered and bruised friend.. I here you want to play a game.. ("YES!"). Alright alright, little younglings, what about.. Simon Says? ("NO!"). Oh, trust me, you'll want to play it, I've altered the rules and the version of which how I play, all to my very own.. want to play now? ("OKAY!"). Good, good. Wise move, young fellow. In this little game of Simon Says, you can get stuck.. simple as it seems.. can your little young brains adapt to the pace? ("OF COURSE!"). Right, I admire your bravery, when an area lights up, run in, hit the green switch, but avoid orange switches at all costs. Got it? ("YES!"). Sounds great, but one more thing.. ("WHAT!").. Don't get stuck.. nor die. Deadly, unna?


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