Test Subject 4 Didn't Quite Make It, It Seems.

Review by jackjoshseb on Monday, September 3rd 2012
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Number 4 is a game created by defensified

For me, anyway. I came pretty close to finishing this game (I'll have you know I'm going to keep playing it until I do prove a victor) and it's certainly an interesting one. Review number 23 for me, and it'll be on this gem of a game, Number 4 by Defensified (also known as Mrdragon, or for you forum goers, Mechanism G, I think I'm going to call him Mrdragon throughout the review though). Number 4 is Mrdragon's 2nd EGL game, in quick succession to Energy, his previous game of which I also reviewed. Mrdragon didn't enter EGD this year, and this game was released about 2 weeks after.


Mrdragon has a number of tricks up his sleeve that he hasn't used yet, and this game contains a few of those. The gameplay is pretty smooth, it doesn't lag despite seemingly a few mechanics, it's fun, introduces a few new areas of gameplay too. There's never a boring part, it's usually pretty intense, actually, and addicting to play.

Mrdragon has put together a fine story, and a back story which you don't see just by the description, in further detail and more clearly is the game's backstory in the description of Number 4's walkthrough video on youtube. But anyway, to say the least, you're a test subject trying to escape. It's used throughout the whole game through messages and is pretty cool, just makes the gameplay a little more interesting.

Number 4, well, you could say there's a little bit of action, but not really a huge amount. It's intense, that's for sure, but it isn't a destruction kind of game. You will find a fair dose of health be evaporating off your health bar though, it's good to have another element such as that added into a more puzzle/strategy styled game.

The puzzles were brilliant, Mrdragon is way ahead of our time and he used a few great puzzles in this, to say the least, the beginning puzzle was ingenious, and it gets better from there. Not only are the puzzles great, but strategy is something that's most important about this game, and if you wish to survive, you're gonna have to come up with some plans.

In the terms of that strategy needed that I was talking about, you have to find a way to survive every minute of the game, because if you're a careless fool (and most of you reading this are, hahahahha), then you'll see that red 'Mission Failure' sign pop up in no time. There are a lot of enemies and in certain sequences you have to time your run to perfection to have a chance at passing the game. I think the strategy is most important, but you also need to use that thing inside your skull, your brain, there's a few little tricks you guys may not be aware of that you can use to your advantage. Sometimes the strategy option was right there in front of you, just observe your surroundings ;)

Creative ones will find a way

There are also a few little traps throughout the game, you just need to be quick to avoid them, that's all. I don't really have much to say as there aren't a heap of them.

Teh fun factor. Yes, the fun factor. Every game needs a bit of fun to part with those serious headache offering puzzles, nail biting intense scenes and planning for strategy. Number 4 may not be appreciated by all (*eyes MS noobs*) but there's a certain thing about a game that just makes it fun, and this game had that factor, it was addictive and in a way, alarming, every time you play you might notice something new, notice you died in such a simple way etc. It just gives you the fuel to keep on trying, it's good for a game to have this capability.


Puzzles: 10/10

Strategy: 9/10

Action (or intense scenes?): 7/10

Creativity: 10/10

Overall: 9/10


This game is currently sitting in the EGL (Epic Game Library). The question is, should it be? Hell yeah. The game brings forward many puzzles, things never seen before in a shooter game and heaps more, definitely EGL worthy, suffice to say I voted yes when it was up for voting.

Thanks for reading, might not be up to par, sorry.


Number 4 Reviewed by jackjoshseb on Monday, September 3rd 2012. Test Subject 4 Didn't Quite Make It, It Seems. - A game review written by jackjoshseb for the game 'Number 4' by defensified. Rating: 4.5