[EGD] Reviewing The Winner Of The 3D Category Of EGD 2012...

Review by jackjoshseb on Sunday, November 4th 2012
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A War Story is a game created by paradon

A War Story by Paradon, the winner of the 3D Algorithm Crew category in EGD 6 2012, time to review it. You're reading my 7th review for EGD and my 29th total.

Paradon is an all round good guy, fun to be around, a respected Lieutenant (currently, who knows where he could be at soon in the future?) and one of the coolest members around. Not to mention he's an awesome game maker to say the least, 30 featured games, the equaled 4th most of all time on Sploder which is quite the achievement. During the EGD sign ups Parry was the only entry for the EGD category for some time until a few others entered, but they didn't really give much competition. Why? That, I'll explain throughout the review.


Not many 3D games are made nowadays (well, not many quality ones). Lag usually isn't much of an issue in the 3D creator actually, and A War Story is no different, offering smooth gameplay without lag and managing to have some nice action rooms without lag getting the better of the game. I encountered no lag at all, the action was perfect and nothing seemed out of place. All that came together quite well for a game with good gameplay. Not to mention you can suit your gaming preferences to your own at the very start of the game, with the option of choosing out of a range of weapons.

The action was great, as soon as you escaped one room, or hit a switch, you'd be suddenly faced by a new wave of enemies, it doesn't allow you to have a walk in the park and cruise along, A War Story almost forces you to make mistakes with each action room. Health would be lost often throughout the game and often you'd be creeping around stealthily trying to shield yourself from the action because of low health, Parry really makes you think up some strategies, do you stealth kill, do you run in and run out as fast as you can? The way you face the action is completely up to you!

The placement was pretty good, except for a few faults, often I stumbled across enemies near hazardous material, such as barrels, acid, or slime. You could shoot barrels and be done with the enemies like that, lead them into acid, or push them into slime where their movements were sluggish. Not all enemies were like that but the game WOULD be a little more challenging if the above concerns were not the case. I did like most of the enemy placement though, the placement of health was pretty good, right when you needed it most, there it was.

A War Story, going by it's name and storyline is a war type of game, evident to that you don't find many puzzles in this game, if at all. I would've preferred a game with mixed action and puzzles, a more balanced game (see games like Two Souls One Goal by Youngcaliman demonstrates that well). It gets a little repetitive along the way, fighting enemies without any difficult puzzles, I guess Parry was strictly for the War type and nothing else. Fair enough. Oh, just a few of those puzzle doors, but you can't really count those as major puzzles.

The scenery was pretty cool, matched the setting of the game and it changed every so often to match different rooms etc. I liked the layout and overall the choice of which he used. The scenery is pretty cool throughout the whole game, some areas better then others, nothing major when you think about it, but better then nothing.

The storyline was good, I don't think it was anything special but good enough, throughout the game you'd meet others, be kept in touch with announcements and the like. I'd say the game as a whole is really fun and mildly difficult.


Gameplay - 4/5

Acton - 4.5/5

Placement - 4/5

Scenery - 4/5

Puzzles - 0.5/5

Total: 4/5


We don't see many quality 3D's, this is one of them but really, overall it's not the most original game, it's certainly very good though. I wouldn't have it in my top 5 3D games though, somewhere in the top 10. It deserved to win the 3D category, none of the other games really compared to it.

Thanks for reading this review everyone.