[EGD] Mist By CG And Mat

Review by jackjoshseb on Sunday, July 28th 2013
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~Mist~ is a game created by creatingames

Hey all.

We're still on EGD reviews, so I'm gonna get behind the wheel (don't worry, I'm sober) and try to speed up the EGD reviewing process a bit. Review number 35 will be on Mist by Creatingames and Mat7772.

CG and Mat are two good friends of mine and I know both of them are very good game makers. In the Collab category, this was some of Elroy and I's competition, let's see what I think of the game.


As always lets start with the gameplay. I liked the gameplay quite a lot in Mist, actually. It was very fast paced and for a game that seemed to be based mostly on action, I experienced no lag at all. There were no glitches or bugs that I came across or anything in the gameplay that really frustrated me. CG and Mat did nothing wrong in this area, making the game fun was another plus for the gameplay.

The storyline's, there's nothing great about it but I do like how it just sets the tone of the game, gives you background thoughts of the game.

Of course since I beat this game I got the see the whole thing and I can safely say the game is mostly about action, with a few fun sequences involving Bugmeisters too, keeping you running a lot of the time. I liked the action in the game, the enemy placement was solid. I think there could've been some more action scenes with different types of rooms, magnets/pushers dragging you into a room full of swarming cruisers or something, but for the most part it was pretty good, I like it.

There's a bit of difficulty in this game, I wouldn't go to lengths as to say it's very hard, but it's moderately difficult. I would suggest to make the game harder, as a challenge is always nice but it really depends on who's playing it. The map design was also pretty good, nothing special about it but it suited the game and left plenty of space to fight enemies.

The game isn't really creative though, and that's probably the only con. The game could've engaged the player into different circumstances more then it did and created some different scenes to throw into the game but I didn't really see much of that to be honest, the game was mostly unoriginal but fun nonetheless.

Gameplay: 9/10

Action: 8/10

Difficulty: 6/10

Creativity: 4/10

Total: 6.5-7/10

Feature Worthy?

The game will be featured because it's EGD but I'm kind of on the fence on whether this would be featured outside of EGD, I'm leaning towards a yes, the game's solid just not amazing.

'till next time.


~Mist~ Reviewed by jackjoshseb on Sunday, July 28th 2013. [EGD] Mist By CG And Mat - A game review written by jackjoshseb for the game '~Mist~' by creatingames. Rating: 4.5