This Game Illustrates Perfectly Why Darut Is Sploder's Best Game Maker

Review by jackjoshseb on Sunday, August 18th 2013
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Chamber of Wisdom 2 is a game created by darut1234

Yes, I just said that Darut is Sploder's best game maker. Even better then Youngcaliman? Well, you all know how great Young's games are, I'm going to make a big call here and label Darut and YoungC the best game makers going around. Youngcaliman's games produce idea after idea, and he's been rewarded with 5 games in the EGL. I don't know what's more impressive though, Darut has been here from the get go, he was an amazing game maker back then, with games like Pieces, the Him series and Will, to name a few, all great games way back when. Darut hasn't lost his touch though, sometimes you'd expect an older member to return and make games that were probably good for the time they were around, but not as great anymore, this isn't the case for Darut. When I headed in to play Chamber of Wisdom 2, I thought there wasn't any puzzle in the Ship creator I didn't know, or there weren't any I couldn't figure out quickly. I also thought that the Ship creator may've just run dry of puzzles.

But boy, this game was rolling on the floor laughing at me, made a fool out of me once or twice too. Darut is up there with the best because he just keeps on finding ways to amaze us game players. I'm back for another review, #40. I'd also like to mention I beat this game, the first besides Darut (so I didn't have the walkthrough to guide me, this is why Darut spelled out my username using polygons on the map, somewhere near the part I call the "bottom hall". You'll see the long hallway at the bottom on the full map screenshot.


Chamber of Wisdom 2 has some smooth gameplay, I didn't get any lag whatsoever which is ideal in shooter puzzle games, well, in any game really. From here I'm going to move straight in to the puzzles, since this is obviously a puzzle based game. The puzzles were absolutely genius, they were genius to the point where a few times I told the game to "go bleep yourself". That's why I like this game so much, some of the puzzles I had actually never seen before and that surprised me, puzzles such as the "door puzzle" and the "red spider puzzle" were a few of my favourites. I had only seen a couple of the puzzles in this game before, and those were mainly the smaller ones. The puzzles tick a massive box.

The game is not all puzzles, along with the puzzles comes strategy and critical thinking. Once you work out the main puzzles in this game, they're easy to pass, but the first time you play it, you need to think about the real strategy it involves before you rush right into it. I like that, the creativity in this game definitely shows. I also like the part nearing the end of the game, where you flick a switch in the "darkness" and the whole map opens up, the surrounding map all along with really just a switchpoly, I like that idea, and it serves a purpose at the end of the game which is pretty cool (which reminds me, there are definitely a few hidden things in this game). Definitely creative.

There weren't any action scenes but that's not a fault, I'm including this because I want this to be a complete review, covering most of the things a reader, specifically someone who hasn't played the game would want to know. I can only recall a couple of battle scenes, there was an intense one right at the beginning of the game with the mortars and reverses, one with stacked turrets and a pretty easy spider battle (because of the atomic powerup). None of these areas were bad, if you weren't careful, you could die from these few enemies just as easily as you could get stuck from the puzzles.

Invisibility and hotpolys served important purposes in this game, you needed to time everything to perfection or you'd run out of invisibility or run out of health on the hotpolys. I like how this game pushes the players to the limit, it's a great challenge. The map design ticks boxes too.

This is definitely one of my favourite games, if you haven't already noticed lol.


Puzzles: 5/5

Creativity: 5/5

Fun & Challenge: 5/5


Feature Worthy?

Most definitely, the game executes pretty much everything perfectly, a few will disagree with me but it gave me a real challenge with it's puzzles, and that does it for me. I couldn't sight anything that dragged the game down. Well done Darut, I certainly enjoyed playing this game and I recommend you all to play it.

I also want to take this chance to congratulation Darut on getting Chamber of Wisdom 2 into the EGL, which will be added soon. I agree with the decision to add it into the EGL, that's why I voted yes to it.