Gliderworld battle robot type

By jacob5637 :: Wednesday September 16th, 2009

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This Is The Limited Edition Type Of Greenbag 18 exept Its About Robots But Both Greenbaag 18 are Just A Punching Glove Of BOOOOOOMMM! But Luckily I Made 20 Greenbags But All Games From 1-10 Are 5-10 But 11-20 It Is Realy 5-11 But The Allybots Help And Enemybots Are Evil But'cha Gotta Login As Me You 5 6 7 8 9 10 And 11 Year Olds So Now I Am Not Keeping Private The New Ones You I Mean YOU Can Now Play Both Versions Of Greenbag 18 And Should Be Able To Be A TBB & Chicken My Two Bands You Will Love The New Edition Of Greenbag 18 You Must Be A Fan Of Sploder What's Your Goal? Greenbag! Love Jacob5637


Tags: baby

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