Atom: Intruders

By jakey101 :: Wednesday May 6th, 2015

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The Russians are traitors to the planet... All nuclear weaponry was sent into space to avoid nuclear ware fare, but then world war 3 broke out and Russia became the worlds enemies. And they were creating something, something bigger and better than anything before.... Space craft, and they then went in to space a retrieved some of the lost nuclear weaponry, ready to launch on the rest of the world to destroy, everything. Although America has a smart plan, there attempting to split an atom and cause inside a nuclear shell, to then launch on Russia to swallow them up. The process is still in early development and you are a scientist working on this project, in hidden US military base. But the Russians have found it, and invaded. Your mission is to take hold of the rare Icotic Atom and escape the base alive. The fate of the earth rests in your hands. Can you escape...?


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