de Vacuo

By jaybrainpuzzlers :: Wednesday July 15th, 2015

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ONLY ONE THING CAN FILL THE VOID. _____________________________________________________________ STORY: Welcome to de Vacuo, a land void of color, joy, and hope. It is inhabited by Umbras, quiet shadows who drift across the wasteland seeking purpose. The Irritum Cultores, shady monsters with glowing eyes, reinforce the bleakness by scaring the Umbras into obedience. They are controlled by a mysterious figure called the Diaboli who rules over the land. One day, one special Umbra finds a Tactus Lucis, a touch of light that she instantly feels compelled to. Following a trail of Tactus Lucises, she travels through de Vacuo, making the world a better place as she goes. What will she find at the trail's end? _____________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION: This is a point-n'-click adventure game with puzzles and peril but little platforming. If you have any comments, please feel free to type them up! Any and all feedback is appreciated! Note: I recommend playing with the sounds of Sploder off and some spooky, ambient music on. Note: many titles and names are in Latin. Time to open up Google Translator! _____________________________________________________________ CONTROLS: Click on objects to interact with them. Some can be moved with the arrow keys, some can be dragged, and some can be exploded. _____________________________________________________________ Hope you enjoy!


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