Retrobots 1

By jayceewylde :: Monday November 18th, 2013

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Mission 1: To Steal Or Starve ===================================== Story: On the distant planet of Galvamech, war engulfed the world like wildfire. Every nation depended on their machines to fight, but eventually the humanoid race that inhabited Galvamech became extinct, leaving only the machines behind. Still programmed to win the war the machines continued to fight, even after a hundred years. Now, the natural resources are running low and the war has became more intense than ever. ===================================== Your Mission: As a lone robot without any interest in the war, you are in seek of food. After a long period of searching, you have picked up a strong energy signal at a compound near by. This is possibly an energy crystal. If this is true, this power source should keep you feed for at least a week. So you must infiltrate this compound and take this food for your self.


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