the challenge of the realms

By jazcat :: Saturday November 14th, 2009

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!!!!!!!!!!IMPORTENT!!!!!!!!!!!ok contestants this game has a 5% survival rate try and prove me wrong mission briefing:is it cold in hear or is it just me 1st up the realm of ice. its a land of ice that the archers and the mighty ape this place is mostly know as the ratnican kindom. realm 2 here is a nice place owned by the fastest runners in the world whats that in the sky is it a plane is it a bird OHH its u thats right its the sky realm realm 3 time to tern up the heat owned by the dreadful fire golems there strenth goes unmatched thats right the fire realm final challenge youve collected the crystals from each challenge now somthing u wont pass welcome to probe central home of the dreadful probes they sworm this planet defeat them and gane there treasure to. did u beat my time if u did right a comment saying u beat my time and u will be crowned champion of the real challenge brought to u by sploder & cocca cola great sponsers of realm challenge.


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