One Of The First Featured Games, One Of My Favorite Games.

Review by jfurey14 on Saturday, August 14th 2010
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Quest To Freedom is a game created by minimariner

This might've been the first game I played ever on Sploder. I love Quest to Freedom sooo much. It is extremely fun, and very hard. Tons of puzzles come in it too. I do also love how it is symetric. That makes it even better. The key battles are genius. The placement is perfect, there is no lag, great gameplay, and I love the design too. This game has so much to play, and have fun. And just to say, this isn't even a fraction of the review.

What makes this game amazing

Since this game looks tiny, but really, it takes you 5 minutes. It's amazing how this happens. But really, it's simple. Since the key battles are pretty easy to get to, it makes it a bit longer. But then, there is always that other puzzle... But this game, is amazing. It is perfect in so mamy ways. In one way, it is quick.

The Combination

The action and puzzles go together very well. It makes it all better to play. There are a lot of new puzzles now, but back then, there weren't that many. The teleporter puzzle is very fun. In the teleporter, there are obstacles, and a cruiser. The cruiser does more damage than you think it will.

Should it be in the EGL?

I think yes. It is an old game that should be praised by lots of members. The highlight of this game is even though there is no traps, the game still is amazing. You would think the teleporters are tricks, but they aren't. So you could search for 30 minutes, and find no crystals. They're in the teleporters!!!





Score _____/_____:

Third fav game behind 1 Diamond Paradox by Rule60, and Flicker by Liv33vil