It's Number 2.

Review by jfurey14 on Tuesday, August 17th 2010
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Flicker is a game created by liv33vil

Flicker. It's amazing. My second favorite game to Diamond Paradox by Rule60. It is amazing. On and off. On and off. And, those puzzles are amazing. I love everything about this game. No lag, great puzzles, and, amazing gameplay.

Liv is one of the best game makers on the site. Possibly the best on the site. He has an EGL game, Liv33vil's challenge. It is cool. Not as good as flicker. I know how he made the lights flash, but no as good as him.

He made the best puzzles, fixed in with the great On and off lights. This game is legendary. There is nothing wrong with it. It was perfect. Nothing wrong with it. All right decisions, great puzzles, great traps, amazing action, and you never know what's coming...

Flicker has a good start, the decisions, though I've never gotten passed the whole blue key session. It is amazing though. Perfect, and good thought. You might've not known, but Liv left the site for 3 months. Left March 13, came back in early August. So, it was a gift to have on of the best members back.

What is amazing about flicker is, not even the lights, but the puzzles you go through, you need to concentrate. And, the lights keep your mind not focusing on what you do need to focus on. Flicker has something that no other game has. You can die at any second.

Flicker shows me that Liv is one of the best game makers. Liv33vil Challenge already showed me, but, Flicker showed me a lot more. The new game creator is what made this game great. Thanks Geoff for the updates!!! But, really, Liv's mind got into a great game, and possibly the best game ever.









A perfect score. A perfect game aswell. Great game, almost my favorite of all of them.