Simple Enough...

Review by jfurey14 on Saturday, December 18th 2010
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A Simple Platformer Game is a game created by paradon


Paradon makes superb games. I hope he wont disappoint me with this one!


Obviously, he did not disappoint me. This game was loaded with crushers in the beginning of the game. But, they were well placed. The first puzzle is amazing to me. I've got passed it, and I loved the puzzle. It gets super challenging along the road.

The puzzles are put in the perfect position. The giant robot is what killed me. I was very amazed at this game. I think Paradon out did himslef. The pipes were well organized, as well as the crusher puzzles. I loved this game, though it is not the best.


Action: 7/10

Puzzles: 8/10

Placement: 7/10

Overall: 7.5/10

This game was pretty good, and I was not disappointed.


A Simple Platformer Game Reviewed by jfurey14 on Saturday, December 18th 2010. Simple Enough... - A game review written by jfurey14 for the game 'A Simple Platformer Game' by paradon. Rating: 3.5