Enigma...Enigma...What Is It?

Review by jfurey14 on Monday, December 27th 2010
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Nightmare Enigma is a game created by acedia


From when I look at her account page, I'm guessing nooby because she has 2400 friends and is level 250 and she joined 1 month ago...o.O


And it was a bad game. The first puzzle was the only part that was okay. It wasn't even that good! It was mini, and literally had no puzzles. I was not one bit a fan of this game. Acedia, maybe try to make your games better?! By the comments no one really liked it either. I'm with you guys!!!

The gameplay was so bad, I'm not even going to talk about it. Maybe you could add puzzles for a chance? It would make us all happy. So @acedia, I was not a fan of this game, and a lot of people weren't either. Nice try!





Overall- 0.6/5

This game was bad. 'Nuff said.


Nightmare Enigma Reviewed by jfurey14 on Monday, December 27th 2010. Enigma...Enigma...What Is It? - A game review written by jfurey14 for the game 'Nightmare Enigma' by acedia. Rating: 5