Show Me What Sploder Game Making Really Is.

Review by jfurey14 on Thursday, December 30th 2010
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Quest To Freedom is a game created by minimariner


This review will be more harsh, long, and descriptive. I want to show member Empoleon that I can write a truly good review.


This game that I chose is a game from '08, and it stands out from every other game I've played in my history on sploder. I want to show you what sploder game making really is.


Lets just say that Minimariner is an old member that is rarely active that has lots of talent in game making. To start out, I want to say some words on this beginning. If your a member on sploder that thinks that "I am the best game maker ever..." you have to know this one thing before you think this. The beginning and the end are the two most important parts in a game. This beginning is the exact opposite of this statement. This beginning is pointless for a few reasons; the two enemies are placed porely, and can easily be destroyed in 2 seconds. Also, the choices are not that good. There are only two, and and the other two lead straight to a crystal that is supposed to be being gaurded by the speeders, but no, they are flying around thinking to them selves "If I go this way and push the key door open, I'll be free from this good guy!". The two choices are filled with okay game making. I'll explain later why this game shows what sploder game making really is, but let me finish the review. One path leads to two keys that are literally un-guarded. No enemies, no nothing. Just a little old key sitting down with nothing to do except wait. The battle is not to good, but the placement stands out here. This key doesn't let you go anywhere, it just keeps you smack dab in front of him. Same with the symetrical key. No harsh words here! After this you are able to go anywhere. This part stinks big time because I would think that there would at least be one more challenge, and that would be the key. The puzzles and action from there on are pretty basic, except for the teleporter puzzle. The reason that I really enjoy this part is because that it shows that you have think before you act. I use this phrase a lot, but this is where I got it. It is creative to me, but only in my mind. It doesn't look creative, but once you play it, you will see. The crystals in my opinion are porely placed, and really easy to get. The rest of the game is good.

Your probably still wondering what's so special about this game? Well let me tell you. Placement. Every single item is placed perfectly. I do not know how Minimariner does this, but this one thing inspired me to do the same, and try to place things as good as possible. For instance, that key battle was good because of the placement. This really stood out to me and told me that this is what sploder game making really is.

The action and puzzles in this game are limited. If I had to change anything in this game, it would definitly be the length. It's pretty darn short, but takes a bit longer than you think it would to win. The action was so-so in every scenario. Not many game players like this, because they want to see action like they've never seen before.

The puzzles were okay, only making me jump once or twice. I would go on and on about the puzzles being horrible and terrible, but I will just say that the placement actually made them a bit better. I never knew this was possible until I played this game... but now I know.






This is my favorite game on sploder, and this is the game that truly made me think that some day, I can be like Tookewl; I can be like CTP. This game still inspires me now, and it still will from here on.


Quest To Freedom Reviewed by jfurey14 on Thursday, December 30th 2010. Show Me What Sploder Game Making Really Is. - A game review written by jfurey14 for the game 'Quest To Freedom' by minimariner. Rating: 5