Brawdfield. Hollow Wishes Pt.2

By jjaawwss :: Wednesday February 8th, 2012

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Captain Brawdfield has been scowering the cosmos in search of fame, during his travels he came across a rather friendly empire called the Teemes. He quickly gained their trust and decided to retire from his roguery and become a honorable soldier in service of the Teeme system. His skill and power got him promoted easily to the title of captain. He was granted permission to provide his own missions, or except his own. he loved the Teeme empire so much that he gladly offered his alligence to General Mufdrack, the leader of the whole Teeme army. depending on Muffdrack for missions he felt unstoppable! With his favorite DTXTEEME STAR FLYER he journeyed through the stars seeking ways to assist the Teemes! and improve life for all! the dreaded Untydee empire, known for raising nothing but havoc, was the main foe of everyone in this era, and the main target for Captain Brawdfield and the rest of the TEEME army!


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