Flames of Kajijul

By jmc10 :: Thursday November 7th, 2013

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Long, long ago in the empire of Kajijul the land was under a dark curse set by the evil warlock Gokusayain. Crops withered, animals died, disease and suffering spread. When the citizens were on the path of no return the 5 great wizards of the land came together and combined their powers to create the sploder scrolls, 5 enchanted dosplodeents set to banish Gokusayain to Oblivion for eternity and restore peace to the land. However before the banishment could be completed Gokusayain absorbed the powers of Dragons Jurgen. In Gokusayain's final moments as his very soul began to fade away he swore to one day return with an army of mythical dragons to conquer the land. The story begins 500 Years after the events of the curse and banishment of Gokusayain when Gokusayain manages to return to Kajijul with the all powerful dragons as he vowed. Gokusayain breaks into the sacred temple of Alone the Essix and manages to steal the sploder scrolls which he then ties to the claws of each dragon and sends them flying in all directions. You are the hero, the blocked head man whom stated in the prophecies is to defeat Gokusayain once and for all. You must now embark on the journey of a lifetime to retrieve the scrolls and fulfill the Kajijulian prophecies. Can you Succeed? ______________________________________________ VICTOR OF SGD #2 - 2013 HOSTED BY ALONESSIX


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