By jmc10 :: Wednesday September 4th, 2013

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The nuclear conflict known as World War III left the majority of Earth uninhabitable, a barren wasteland. The only landmass to survive was what was once known as the United States. Now many years later the survivors have begun to rebuild and 7 regions now exist across america. However a notorious militia has now grown out of the ashes dividing the once united regions further apart. You; James B. Head are part of a secret organization planning to reunite the regions once again. Can you succeed in your quest for unity? defeat the militia that is oh ever so determined to foil your plans, before it's to late? Find out in Jmc10's Epic game drop 7 2013 game, United. ___________________________________________________ *Honorable Mention for EGD 7* ___________________________________________________ Remember to rate 5 Starts & Nominate; Also Facebook like and Google recommend if you have Swag. Oh and a Comment below would be nice. ___________________________________________________ *Featured by Jackjoshseb*


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