The Ultima Challenge

Review by jmc10 on Sunday, August 18th 2013

*Grabs Cookie* Hello there, Jmc10 here bringing you another review and another boring bleep introduction too, typed by yours truly. Well anyway, today I will be taking a break from the hard complex games of today and instead will be going back to a much simpler time. A time when users like obeliskos were around and where everyone created classic shooters. That's right, we're going back to the 2008 era of Sploder.

Checkthepan is a user of many talents, particularly with the shooter creator. His Splendid talents and marvelous game making style have earned him over sixty features and the title of sploders most featured. He was at one point Sploders most respected member on the site. However he left us many years ago, and has long since been forgotten by the current generation of Sploder members. But enough of the history lesson, I'm sure that you would much rather move onto the review. Well I don't blame you, just hold on a little while longer and we'll get there.

Buried and hidden upon the fifteen pages of checkthepan's profile is a neat little gem seen by few. It is one of check's oldest games created in the spring of 2008 and probably one of the most fun to play. The title is none other than Trial of 100 Ultima Challenge. Now here comes the moment that you have all been waiting for, duhn duhn duhn, finally I'm ready to start telling you guys my opinions and thoughts on the game. Lets move onto the review now shall we.

As with any game on the web the thumbnail is the very first impression any gamer gets. It is the make or break moment; an awe inspiring thumbnail will attract a player however a boring bland one most of the time will not. So how was the thumbnail for trial of 100 you may ask, I'll get to there in a second. Honestly the thumbnail was kind of plain just a small room with one way doors on either side, a purple telaporter on the left and another room on the right. The one way doors first gave me the impression that it would be a puzzle game, so clicking on the game eager to play and hopes high I was shocked at what I found.

Trial of 100 was infact not a puzzle game, but an action game instead, sure I was a little disappointed but hey, an action game can be just as good if executed correctly. One of the first things I noticed when I began playing was the objective, kill 100 enemies, who the heck wants to kill 100 enemies? boring right. But I should have known from the title, derpy me. The gameplay itself was pretty dull, pretty much just surfing through several huge rooms jam packed with little cruisers swarming you from every possible direction, getting very repetitive at times. Despite the swarms of enemies the game is actually quite easy, this is largely due to the mass amounts of power-ups placed throughout the map. Each room averaged 1-3 mega health power-ups, and 2-6 weapon power-ups. This was unneeded because it made the game much too easy, I myself retained a full health bar the entire game.

As for scenery this game contained very little, very disappointing for a member like me whom loves amazing scenery. Check could have utilized all of the shooter items of the time to create a little scenery however he didn't do this and instead left it an empty map with enemies, health, and about nothing more.

The action sequences were somewhat fun like I mentioned before. They get repetitive though as you progress through the game. They are also unique for their time. The action sequences are what give the game its quality in my opinion.

The placement was done relatively well with a few exceptions. For example at the start check placed some mega health right as you enter the first action sequence which was a mistake in my opinion but I guess he was trying to lower difficulty which in this case he lowered it too much.

Welp that's all there is to say about this game, onto the results shall we?


-Fun action sequences

-Cool Thumbnail



-Very Repetitive

-Mass amounts of health

Trial of 100-Report Card:






Powerup Placement-B

Enemy Placement-B

Overall: ___

Oh look at the time, finally comes the moment of truth; whether I find this game feature worthy or not. Well, the game is kind of simple. there is little to no scenery. Mass amounts of power-ups great execution and somewhat fun gameplay. Feature worthy don't you think? I'd say yes, for its time. Good job check on one of your first games. As for EGL worthy I'd probably say no.

Takes bite of cookie

Well that's all I got for today, this has been review #1,

Jmc out.


Trial of 100: Ultima Challenge Reviewed by jmc10 on Sunday, August 18th 2013. The Ultima Challenge - A game review written by jmc10 for the game 'Trial of 100: Ultima Challenge' by checkthepan. Rating: 5